Round 8: Final: Paru’s Indian Vegetarian (Project Brief and Sitemap)

Paru’s Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Website RedesignImage

Project Brief PDF

Sitemap PDF


Round 7: Restaurant Website: Good and Bad Designs


Tropicalia Brazilian Grill

Paru’s Indian Vegetarian


East Village Eatery

Leaf on Bold Street


La Vista

Round 6: Midterm Beginning (Project Brief + Site Map)

Project Brief – Lions Lounge (Viper Room)

Site Map – Lions Lounge (Viper Room)

Round 5: Coding (Eight Hour Day)

Task: Code the homepage for EIGHT HOUR DAY using CSS style sheet, html

Given: Photoshop file, sliced images

Finished Product: Click Here

Round 4: Revised Homepage (MacVaugh Real Estate)


Round 3.1: Project Brief

Below is a link to the pdf document for my Project Brief

Client: MacVaugh&Co. Commercial Real Estate Services

Project Brief

Round 3: Website (Homepage) Redesign/Project Brief

Round 3: Website (Homepage) Redesign/Project Brief

Client: MacVaugh Commercial Real Estate

Click the photo for the project brief pdf

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